Musical links imvestigation

2 explored in sufficient musical depth the student should state what the link(s) is (are) achievement level 3 the choice of musical examples and cultures is. Format the$musical$links$investigation$must$be$submitted$as$a$media(script(of$no$more$than$2,000((words$mass$media$communication$in$the$21st$century$has$many$formats. This is a sl ib musical links investigation comparing antonin dvorak’s string quartet in a-flat major (1865) with shin’chi yuize’s dance suite: shuttlecock. Throughout the course of this project, i will be exploring the links between southern sudanese music and cuban music this investigation will introduce the. World music is remarkable because two distinct musical cultures can develop in complete isolation from one and other and still share identical features.

In this musical links investigation, i will be looking at the classical music from north india and comparing it to dixieland jazz i have chosen an artist from each type. A guide to help assist student with their ib musical links investigation that s required as part of their coursework available on my website as well http://www. Both of these pieces have limited harmonic progressions so what is played only in the dorian mode, the only harmonic change being the periodic parallel shift between. Welcome to musicallinksinvestigationscom, where we explore similarities and differences between different musical cultures this week compared chopin’s nocturne op. As in most every other culture, japanese drums (taiko) are versatile instruments they were used for religious and military functions, folk festivals, and gagaku, the.

An investigation connecting chinese folk music to music of the neoclassical era. For this investigation, two distinct cultural music, french romantic-era music and american jazz, will be investigated and analyzed the two pieces i chose are marche.

X marks the spot on the musical links -the baroque period was from 1600-1700-the harmony was notated with figured bass( shorthand that allowed improvisation. Fred kim mr gillespie ib music 12 april, 2011 musical links investigation music is a form of communication that varies distinctively among different countries just. Figure 11 shows the major ostinato in pagodes, it is written to reproduce a mellow, resonant gamelan sound this sound is imitated by the use of pedal and the balmy.

The mli workshop covers every aspect of the mli: understanding the ib definition of culture, an extensive list of world music resources, understanding and choosing. Music investigation paper examples - download as pdf file (pdf) with a thoughtful and effective description of the musical links focusing.

Musical links imvestigation

musical links imvestigation

Investigation aim: in this musical links investigation, i intend to make a cultural link between traditional egyptian/arabic music and traditional flamenco music. Ib music links investigation the ibo musical investigation is required for both standard and higher level students this assignment is the final exam grade for the. This is a musical investigation comparing the romantic styles of georges bizet's l'amour est un oiseau rebelle (habanera) in his most famous opera carmen, and the.

  • In late nineteenth century france, impressionism began to develop as a new style of music that deviated from the more traditional sounds of western classical and.
  • One main link between minimalism and african music is rhythm in steve reich’s music, he is quite rebellious with the musical element of rhythm, as he either tends.
  • Official description from the ib: musical links investigation—sl and hl weighting: 20% the ib recommends that 30 teaching hours should be undertaken at both sl and.
  • Fred kim mr gillespie ib music 12 april, 2011 musical links investigation music is a form of communication that varies distinctively among different.
  • The hl musical investigation must be no more than a maximum of 2000 words, and is an ethnomusicalogical study, as well as a music theory study of two.

Ib musical links investigation by: evan rapp a comparison of sean nós celtic music and japanese art music word count: 1987 candidate id: 001147-0083. Background  ragtime lived a short but popular life in the southern united states in the 1890's ragtime can be described as such, a genre of musical composition. How do you start discussing the musical links investigation there are several doorways in to this assessment i am not advocating any particular d. Jacqueline johnson's international baccalaureate music sl musical links investigation for may 2013 examination. In the first 9 measures of the canon in d, the violins play a three-voice canon over the ground bass which provides the harmonic structure the colors above highlight.

musical links imvestigation musical links imvestigation

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